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New Images


   New Images
Here you will find new images of all categories before they are placed into the specific portfolio by theme.


Licht & Schatten


   Concours d' Élégance
Classical vintage cars in a new light. Abstract studies of the light and reflections on the polished car bodies. Mainly from the former Rosso Bianco collection in Aschaffenburg.

Shadow and Light


   Shadow and Light
The play of light on different surfaces, dramatic cast of shadows, rays of light penetrating the darkness.

Cloud, Burren 2000


A selection of classical landscapes of some of the most beautiful places in Europe - or of ordinary places just outside the door.



Abstract, nearly sensual studies of succulents, palms and other members of the plant kingdom.

Birch Tree, Connemara 2000      Trees
The way I see trees. Classical tree studies; details of roots and bark structures; tree landscapes.
Bretagne, 1998      Stones
Structures, textures, forms and images turned into stone; created by nature or by man.

Gas kompressor hall, Völklinger Hütte 2000

Industry ruins, shut down factories and facilities, old machine halls from bygone days of industrialization; reverence for technology and esthetics of decay.
Masts, Ireland 2000      Ireland
A friendly country, despite high humidity. Pictures of well-known places but also of locations far off the visitor stream where remnants of the originality and the kindness of the people have been preserved.


In the little remote fishing harbours the smell of the sea, the fish and engine oil is mixed up to a very typical scent. Those who don't care, can find rich details and structures there.
Rails, 1999      Abstractions
Often neglected details; objects reduced to shape and texture, detached from their context to get a totally new meaning.